Broken Branch Tree Care -

Emerald Ash borer (EAB), an exotic beetle that was discovered in Michigan in 2002, is believed to have been brought over on cargo ships or planes from it's native Asia.  It has since spread to at least 15 states and two Canadian provinces.  The adult beetles feed on Ash foliage but cause little damage.  It's the larvae that feeds on the inner bark of Ash trees, disrupting the tree's ability to transport the needed water and nutrients.  Even the healthiest of trees won't live more than three-five years after an attack.

Since it's discovery, EAB has:
Killed tens of millions of Ash trees in Michigan alone, with tens of millions more in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, New York,  Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Quebec, Virginia,  West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Caused regulatory agencies and the USDA to enforce quarantines and fines to prevent potentially infested Ash trees, logs, or firewood from moving out of areas where EAB occurs.

Cost municipalities, property owners, nursery operators and forest products industries tens of millions of dollars.

EAB facts:
Adult beetles are metallic green, about 1/2 inch long

Adults only fly from mid May-September

Larvae develop under the bark the remainder of the year

Adults leave a D shaped hole in the bark when they emerge in the spring

There will probably be increased woodpecker activity as they feed on the larvae
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